Fields of Expertise

Contract Law

Drafting and Negotiating Home Building Contracts

The firm has been one of the leaders in this field and has, for many years, provided the legal profession with our recommended amendments to the various Standard Form Home Building Contracts to make them fair to all parties.

Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts

The firm has been involved in the drafting and negotiation of contracts for a wide range of commercial building projects such as contracts for multi dwelling developments, home unit buildings, private nursing hospitals, child care centres, office buildings, shopping centres, factories and industrial estates, licenced clubs, golf clubs, hotels and resorts, and even a Buddhist monastery. We have also drafted construction contracts for major infrastructure works such as the laying of water and gas pipelines and the laying of super high tension electrical cables through built up areas, major landscaping works and related subcontracts. The pictures in this website show just some of the contracts in which we have been involved.