Swimming Pool Contract Disputes

A swimming pool has to be built to a very high standard to have it function properly and to have a reasonable usable life. In the course of building pools, and after the work is done, there are likely to be disputes as the quality of work and as to payment. We can help you with such disputes.

Swimming Pool Disputes are Particularly Difficult

Because swimming pools are built in different ways to other building projects, you need really specialised expert evidence in such a dispute. The evidence of an ordinary building contractor, even one who has built pools, is seldom good enough. We have, over the years, developed an expertise as to what is required in such disputes. In this particular area, you really need someone who has been involved in such disputes before.

Peter Merity

If you'd like help in your swimming pool contract dispute, you can contact us through the contact form link on the right or call Peter Merity on (02) (9689 3992) by clicking on the button. You may also email him directly at pmerity@petermerity.com.au