You are entering into a contract to build a swimming pool

A swimming pool has to be built to a very high standard to have it function properly and to have a reasonable usable life.

Pool building is a task for really competent specialists. Make sure your pool builder is a competent specialist - check his references and his reputation.

If you are going to enter into a contract to build a swimming pool you will want the work done:

  • On Time,
  • On Budget,
  • In Accordance With The Plans and
  • Free of Defects

You will need help in negotiating the terms of the contract, even if the pool builder is using one of the swimming pool standard form contracts because:

  • The pool builder has entered into these building contracts many times and knows how to protect his own interests. You have probably never even seen a standard home building contract before.
  • The pool building contract is usually one prepared by his own association, and has been drafted to suit his interests, not yours.
  • Even if the contract the pool builder is proposing to use is the Office of Fair Trading Contract, it can be manipulated unfairly because how the dotted lines in a standard form contract are filled out can radically affect your interests. This is particularly the case with swimming pool contracts because they have so many unusual aspects.
  • If, on the other hand, the builder is proposing to use his own form of contract then you really need help. There are some extraordinarily unfair contracts currently being used by some pool builders.
  • You have a huge amount of money at stake and you can't afford to have things go wrong.
Peter Merity

If you'd like help in negotiating your pool building contract, you can contact us through the contact form link on the right or call Peter Merity on (02) (9689 3992) by clicking on the button. You may also email him directly at